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The numbers "8 & 4" are standing in the way of your success.

8 Seconds is the average attention span of people today

4 Generations - Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen-X, and Millenials working together in the workplace all communicating differently.

What if you could ...
- Gain a competitive advantage in your field
- Grow your leadership influence exponentially
- Leave an incredible lasting legacy

How valuable would an environment like that be to you personally and professionally?

That group is the 8 & 4 Online Community. 

Through daily live teachings, blogs, community conversations, "flash workshops", and member interaction, The 8 & 4 Online Community is committed to:

1) Educating every member on the headwater issues of "8" and "4" so you can navigate some of the biggest challenges of our day.

2) Creating an inspiring online environment in which to learn and have access at YOUR convenience 24/7.

3) Developing a generation of dynamic leaders equipped to change the world!

We do this by:
- Teaching about the headwater issues of "8 and 4"
- Providing a safe place for creative ideas 
- Providing engaging conversations on a daily basis
- Brainstorming strategies for your specific situations
- Having a little fun along the way 

If you want to be a dynamic world-changing leader,  join this group today!  

Membership is less than a $1 a day!  

$29.70 per month OR an annual membership is just $297 which is less than $1 a day and 2 MONTHS FREE!

PLUS -- You can try it out for FREE for 10 days!   

For more information take a look at the information below...

8 Second Attention Spans
How effectively are you communicating?

How well do you command that 8 seconds? 

Do you know how to articulate your value in such short spaces? 

Do you know the fatal mistake most presenters/ sales people make? 

Can you articulate differentiation in such a short attention span world?

In this private group, you will learn how to effectively navigate the 8 second attention span world we live in today and have a safe place to practice.

Through coaching and real world examples, You will learn how to speak clearly and concisely so that you communicate your message effectively. 

Additionally, you will have a "creative lab" where you can try out your messages on members of the group and get coaching from the group, as well as, directly from Jay McChord and other "coaches.

4 Generations 
Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Generation-X, and Millenials....

How well do you communicate across four separate generations in the workplace?

How effective are you at managing and motivating those younger or older than you? 

Did you know there is one simple way to communicate across every generation? 

What generation(s) are represented in your organization? Are you meeting their needs?

Do those of different generations find your organization/ product/ service as having real value for them? 

Do you know the #1 benefit that all generations most desire from today’s workplace?   

This private community will discuss these issues as well as give you rock solid strategy on how to communicate, motivate, and move each generation to action.  

We will also dive into the coming "Generation Z" so that you will be prepared moving forward as these children/teens turn into decision makers in the coming few years.

Knowing the Times...
Imagine being in a community where you were immersed with an understanding of our times, learning simple and replicable systems for greater communication effectiveness and then having ongoing access to the highest level of professional development resources and expertise....

Being in a community like that would give you a competitive advantage! 

You would be seen as someone who knew the times we lived in and someone who knew what to do! 

Your influence would increase dramatically!

Join this group today and get started!

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To discover how this community will improve your sales, your business, and your relationships - both professionally AND personally.
  •  Understand the times in which you are called to lead
  •  Communicate more effectively in our 8 second attention span world across 4 generations
  •  Have greater professional and personal influence
  •  Move and motivate more people (across all generations) 
  •  Identify more quickly solutions to the challenges facing their organizations
  •  Design and deliver communication that engages audiences
  •  Understand how to craft communication/messaging specifically for an audience
  •  Connect to audiences in the most meaningful way
  •  Move an audience to action
  •  Simple and replicable systems for designing and delivering the most effective communication
  •  Understand the design for effective communication
  •  Have a simple and replicable system for designing and then delivering communication audiences love
  •  Effectively connect 
  •  Move your matter the size
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